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My Top 5 Most Difficult Things About Blogging

Sunday, 24 June 2018
I'm still new to this whole blogging thing, despite having started my blog back in October and I'm sure there are a lot of new bloggers or aspiring bloggers out there too! So here I've composed a short list of the things I find most difficult about blogging.

1. It’s time consuming. 
This is first because it’s what failed me. With a full time job and travelling to and from that full time job, it’s difficult for me to find the time and energy to do anything, let alone something as demanding on the brain as writing. Sometimes I don’t feel like I have the time to even write out a blog post and post it, let alone promote it on social media and interact with other bloggers – which we all know is so important. I always wish I'd have started this blog when I was a student with more time.

I think the easiest way to deal with this problem is to think about where you want to be, how far you want your blog to go. That's what is inspiring me to fight through my lack of energy and just get on with it right now.

2. Getting noticed. 
I’m not talking about getting noticed by brands – I am no where near at that stage of my blog yet, I'm sure. I mean getting noticed by anybody. When I started my blog I found that I was getting a good amount of views because I was promoting it so hard, but getting noticed on social media – particularly twitter for me – I find so difficult. Bloggers follow thousands of people and getting your tweets seen can feel impossible. 

3. Interacting with other bloggers
Not only do I not have the time to be talking to fellow bloggers 24/7 but I am totally awkward and have no idea how to start or even continue a conversation online. There are always people I'll click with, but it's that first step that's the most difficult part.

4. Making your blog look good
I find I can never get it to look good enough. Blogger is quite limited to things, but I have no idea how to get it migrated over to Wordpress. I can't afford to pay somebody to do it for me, so maybe I'll have to learn myself. I am feeling a little more content right now as I changed my theme just before writing this - but I'm still trying to get my mobile version to look good!

5. Finding a niche. 
I don’t think I’ll ever find a niche, meaning it’ll always be difficult to find an audience that will be interested in most of what I post. I don’t want to just write about one thing in particular because I would find that very boring. I like food, I like travelling (the UK – can’t afford to travel elsewhere yet), I like animals, I like all sorts of products, I like television… the list goes on. 

What are the things you find most difficult about blogging?

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32 comments on "My Top 5 Most Difficult Things About Blogging"
  1. Definitely number 1! It is time consuming but I guess worth it :) number 3 interacting with other bloggers, I find it easier to do it through twitter. It’s fun! I just starte put a few days ago im twitter and somehow gained a couple of bloggers that I interact with everyday. Keep on writing about what you love, everything else will follow. Dont put too much pressure on yourself as a blogger :)

    Ellaine | In Betweens

  2. Totally agree with all of these. The worst part is the time. I spend so much time with the blog I don't get to go out with friends at the moment. I clearly need to rejuggle.

  3. Blogging is challenging but so rewarding. And I am right there with you regarding finding a niche. I haven't done it because I am just enjoying the process of writing and sharing my life. And you know what? My life isn't a niche. It's a hodge-podge of random. With wine stains. :)

  4. Such a beautiful blog you have!
    I definitely have trouble more so recently with having time to blog because of commitments! Xx

  5. Blogging is hard work! I've been blogging for 3 years now and it's the hardest job I've ever had!

  6. You nailed it! Another thing i find really difficult to do it writing titles that will be searched for in Google.

  7. It is so time consuming! And it's so difficult to find any time to spend dedicated to building up an audience. But I suppose in the end blogging is about the writer wanting to say something and using the platform for themselves firstly, with the hope that others will take an interest.

    You are doing brilliantly! Xx

  8. Time is definitely a huge factor, even when I wasn't working I struggled but have had to really cut it down now I've increased my hours

  9. I definitely agree with this list! I think the thing I struggle with the most is getting noticed and having genuine followers. I do think that facebook groups have started to help me out a lot though. The key is to keep going, your hard work will pay off.

  10. People think blogging is an overnight success thing, but it truly takes time to build a dedicated following!

  11. I’ve been blogging for over 10 years and I can tell you that starting out is tough but it does get better! Keep going!

  12. I totally feel your pain, and love the honesty of this post.

    Blogging is a slower process than most ppl think. But if you remember why you started it will keep things fun. My advice is to pace yourself. Get a system of steps to follow with each blog post and break it into smaller tasks. Use talk to text in your phone/tablet notes and either email it to yourself, or write out the entire post in a FREE app like Trello.

    When you're ready to post, the content is there. Take advantage of free photo stock from places like Pixaby, Barnimages, etc so that you're not reinventing the wheel everytime to sit down to post.

    Choose your social media time carefully, or else it will steal your life. If I think of anything else, I'll be sure to contact you. Stay positive!

  13. Blogging is a lot of work but I love it. Been blogging for almost 6 years now and it gets more challenging each year.

  14. Blogging is time consuming and I don't think any blogger anticipates it how much time it takes when starting out. Also, about making your site look good, have you tried purchasing a theme/template from Etsy? They are very responsive and it looks good on mobiles. And they range from $5-$60ish. And the sellers usually offer to set it up for you so you don't have to do anything

  15. Definitely so time consuming! I really need to get better at automating my social media because I think that would free up a lot of my time!

  16. I have decided to not stick to a niche quite early on because i was afraid it would be too restricting and i also did not know which one to go for. it is time consuming and it takes so much effort to get noticed!

  17. I can definitely agree it is quite time consuming! As a university student it was rather difficult to juggle a consistent blogging schedule - especially when exams came around.

    One thing I love twitter for is how easy it is to chat to other bloggers - it’s unlike instagram in that regard, Twitter is more the platform where you can chat and talk to just about anyone :) Hardest part is the hello in the beginning but I always try to engage with tweets - in the beginning it was a bit of a push as I tend to just scroll even if I want to comment.

    One thing I’ve been bouncing around between is if I should make the switch to wordpress - I personally am an aspiring web designer - have my degree in computer science so all I need is a push to actually design my blog hahaha but I’ve been hearing wordpress is better for blogging but the whole migrating everything I’m sure is a bit costly - so maybe sometime in the future for me as I also don’t have a domain name just yet even though I’ve been blogging for a while.

    One thing in the beginning I tried to do was find a niche - but that really didn’t work with me because I really loved blogging about everything and anything - sticking to one topic for me was a bit boring so I decided not to try and fit myself into a box and blog about what I’m happy to chat about!


  18. Hello!!
    Good to see a new blogger so hello! 😍👍
    Blogging is hard work but so so rewarding it can seem as though nobody sees or reads your blog but please know that people are reading it so don't give up hope! It may just take time (haha!!) for it to be noticed properly!
    Take part in twitter chats i know it can be scary but honestly we are all so so nice!! Just start slowly & people will come!!
    Please keep up the fabulous work though!! 😘😍

  19. I can relate to this so much and completely agree with you. But if you love doing it just keep going and it will be rewarding.

  20. I definitely agree with everything you said here Vicki, blogging is hard work and so time consuming. It’s definitely worth it though so keep going girl. I think you have a very pretty blog and personality, I don’t think a niche matters. It’s great having the freedom to write about whatever you like. Keep up the fab work lovely <3 xx

    Bexa |

  21. YES! All of this! I'm a newbie blogger too. It's hard work but I'm absolutely loving it! You've got this!!

  22. Oh my goodness. Every single point you had here is so true!
    Time consuming - yes! I have to dedicate 2-3 whole days a week crafting content, setting up, photographing, editing, writing etc. I also run 2 other businesses on top of this so it really is a lot to juggle. I think people think it's "easy" but it's really not.

  23. Woahhh I totes understand this and agree! Like it can be soooo time consuming and you have to engage a lot to keep up so that you get noticed too. If you don’t talk about your blog or try to interact with others how are people suppose to know you have one or want to read it? So I mean it is a lot most days especially because you can’t tend to it 24/7. I honestly think it is worth it though, it helps your creativity and allows you to network and honestly have fun/meet new people. Keep up the good work Vicki, you got this!

    xx Lena |

  24. Oh my ain't that the truth! It is soooo time consuming. Sometimes the negatives can outweigh the love of it especially when you're hyper focused on results.

  25. These are hard things about it for sure!! Interacting with others and getting noticed is really hard now and days.

  26. Welcome to the wonderfully crazy and unpredictable world of blogging! These points are so true and I love how honest your style of writing is. Followed!

    Sending you good vibes for a wonderful weekend!

    Nati x | | @NAfterCoffee

  27. I hear you on the time consuming part. People think it's easy and super quick but how wrong they are x

  28. It certainly is time consuming but I love interacting with other bloggers and finding new blogs to follow. It’s only really difficult when I have no time to create content when I’m busy outside the blogging world

    1. I love it too, I just wish I had more time to do it!

  29. Omg, AMEN to this post! It's so, so time consuming and sometimes it gets really difficult to draw the line!

    Sending you good vibes!

    Nati | | @NAfterCoffee

  30. Number 1 & 5. It is really super time consuming that at times I neglected my partner.
    Your blog looks great and continue to believe in yourself and one day your hard work will pay off. We CAN!