Guess Who's Back!

Sunday, 14 January 2018
So…blogmas didn’t really happen for me, did it? I found posting two posts in one week actually took away from my posts and then I planned to post weekly as I usually do but then I just gave up all together for a little bit. Starting a blog was a little overwhelming and time consuming and I wasn't sure how to fit it all in, so I decided to take a break. 

Christmas time got super busy and went so fast and I felt like I had no time to blog anymore. I also started to find it a bit frustrating trying to grow my blog and didn’t feel like I was getting very far with it. Companies only want to work with blogs that have high DA’s and blogs that get lots of views. I didn’t do too badly and in my first month had about 3000 views but being ignored all the time was a little frustrating. It’s not that I want free things or to be paid, it’s just that I want to work with people so that I have something to write about and get excited about and I like to think that when I write about something I show a lot of passion.

Anyhow, as it goes I just randomly decided to check my nonexistent DA just to double-check that it was still nonexistent, you know, just in case. And it turned out it wasn’t nonexistent anymore and I think seeing that was the push I needed to get back on here. I am pretty excited to say that hard work and commenting on other people’s blogs and showing lots of love actually pays off! 

Anyway so here’s what I’ve been getting up to in the past month whilst I've been away from my blog. 

I visited Winchester Christmas market
I can't say it's something I'd do again, at least not on a Saturday. We went just a few weeks before Christmas and I’m not over exaggerating when I say that we couldn’t move anywhere. It was almost impossible to see anything, the whole of Winchester was packed and it took five minutes to take a few steps. I bought a few things still, as always. I bought a super soft snood, toasted marshmallows, bomb cosmetics bath bombs, the best scented candle ever, a sponge soap and I tried some gin which was disgusting!

I went to Cardiff! 
It was only for a night but of course I was still excited. Southampton didn’t do turkey sandwiches on their Christmas market so I was thrilled to find that Cardiff did. I also tried some toffee flavoured vodka which nearly convinced me to buy it, it was so good. I bought some brownies too. Actually I was having a pretty food-based day because I then went in the shopping center and watched somebody make me some ice cream. I visited my favourite bath product shop, Miss Patisserie. Maybe I’ll do a post about them sometime. 
I had a really nice Christmas break
I went back to Wales to visit family, it was very relaxed but it’s always nice to spend Christmas Eve on the beach. Unfortunately the rest of the time it was pretty rainy, but what can you expect when you’re in Wales. It hailed/snowed a bit too, which was the first sight of snow I'd seen this year (not a bad thing as I hate it).

Whilst I was there I also had my hair cut a lot shorter and got my blonde highlights back. I hate having my photo taken, so excuse the awful photo.

I over-indulged in the January sales. 
I can't even remember everything but I bought marshmallows from the naked marshmallow company, bath bombs from an independent company, candles from bomb cosmetics (they’re so good I’m really impressed), wax melts from somewhere else, a box of candles, I don’t even remember what else. Maybe I’ll review some of it. 

I had a nice new years's
I spent it with my boyfriend and it was very romantic. I mentioned I had another writing platform which I think I said I’d grown out of, but I went back there and it turns out I haven’t grown out of it at all. I basically write with many other people who are all realty lovely, so I spend a lot of my free time doing that.

I made an Instagram - misviclb
I’d love for you to go and give it a follow and I'll follow you back! 

I had the flu jab yesterday despite hearing awful things about it, so I'll let you know if I get any symptoms. So far I can only report a slightly sore arm! I was told there wouldn't be any other symptoms so let's see...

I think that’s about all I have to say so let me know what you got up to over Christmas and hopefully I’ll be back with another blog soon!

11 comments on "Guess Who's Back!"
  1. Ahh its great to see you back! It sounds like you had a great Christmas, sometimes a break is just what we need to come back raring to go!

  2. I didn't even know about Blogmas until just before Christmas and I had to laugh. I did about two posts, like you, in December. My life was just too full with other stuff. Maybe next Christmas I'll be organised enough :)

  3. Starting a blog can be really daunting and it is an extremely steep learning curve in those early months. I think it is important to keep putting out content you like creating and to not focus too much on statistics and numbers. Good luck for 2018.

  4. Loved this post, those bath bombs look so cute! Also, your photos look amazing! X

  5. Aww glad you have decided to come back to blogging 😃 looks like you had a fantastic break from it though and I am completely in love with those Christmas bath bombs- I am a bit of a bath bomb fan! Great post ❤️

    Melanie |

  6. I had the same with my blog over Christmas, it all got so overwhelming and busy, I just gave up for a bit. It was great! I feel so much more enthusiastic about it now, after my impromptu holiday, I might do it again this Christmas! That looks like a great Christmas market.

  7. I never get any symptoms from the flu jab. They don't inject you with live flu, despite what people seem to think. Hope it protects you this Winter!

  8. I think the most important think at the start of blogging is to ignore number and just concentrate on content!

    Looks like you had a lovely break in Cardiff

  9. It's great that you've found that passion again! I could definitely relate to what you were saying about not really feeling motivated over Christmas. It's such a busy and stressful time of year! Sounds like you had a nice break though! Great post! :-)

  10. I'm really glad you've got some motivation back. Looks like you had a really busy break - I always find that helps fill me up with new ideas.

  11. Cardiff is a beautiful city isn't it. I really wanted to do Winchester Christmas market but never got there. Such a shame you found it too busy